Miranda Lambert's New Music Messes With My Head

Miranda Lambert is trying to bring back the old style Miranda, with a new twist. I am not sure I am down with it and it's messing with my head.

Maybe I'm just a country girl that can't branch out away from her roots but Miranda's tough PINK punk rock & roll meet's The Cars pop infused lyric's is not sitting well with me. I miss her rebel Texas spitting fire country style.

Miranda still has her twang but she's lost her country get even attitude. Maybe her new love and marriage to former NYC cop Brendan McLoughlin has changed her. She has admitted that the new couple does not spend lots of time in NYC and that the rocker edge comes from that.

I'm happy for her but I do miss Miranda's rebel country vengeful edge and the later raw brokenhearted country girl music.

I like Locomotive more than 'Mess With My Head' and 'It All Comes Out in the Wash'.

Maybe they will all grow on me and I'll be able to love the new Miranda just like I did before she married and then divorced Blake Shelton.

Miranda's new album will be released sometime in the fall.

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