Blake Shelton Has Garth in Tears With His Potty Mouth

Blake Shelton is famous for his colorful langage. Just google his name and F-bombs. The internet is filled with examples of his use of this word..

Blake has said in the past while on the set of The Voice, "Sometimes I’ll look around and see [producer] Mark Burnett off to the side, shaking his head and thinking, “How many F-bombs am I going to have to edit out of this?”

While doing Garth Brooks' Studio G videocast, Blake let go a pile of four letter words when describing a tweet he did about Luke Bryan.

Watch the exchange below.

Blake was describing the birthday tweet he recently did to Luke Byan saying, "Happy Birthday s--t head".

I think Blake missed his calling as a Hallmark Greeting Card writer.

Below is the full Studio G session with Garth and Blake. It's like a mini docmentary about Garth's Boise, Idaho concert where he and Blake together sang live new single "Dive Bar".

In this video clip, Blake discribes Garth as one of his biggest musical influence when launching his musical career. Garth also has nothing but incredible things to say about Blake. Their admiration for each other is apparent.

This next video is of Garth and Blake performing "Dive Bar" in Boise.

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