Deadlines Of Note For The Holidays

You’ll have to buy presents early if you want to ship them this year.

Retailers are recommending customers ship holiday gifts early as the industry still struggles with supply chain issues. With the Post Office slowing down their services and hiring problems an issue everywhere, it’s better to be prepared and early. Here are the shipping deadlines to know:

  • FedEx says the last day to ship something ground economy and have it arrive in time for Christmas Day is December 9th.
  • The FedEx deadline for ground and home deliveries is December 15th,
  • FedEx same day delivery on the 24th.
  • UPS is telling customers to check their website for a quote on ground shipping.
  • Second-day shipping will have to be in the mail by December 21st and next-day by the 23rd as UPS is closed on the 25th.
  • The U.S. Postal Service says letters, greeting cards and small first class packages should be mailed by December 17th
  • Priority Mail deadline on the 18th.
  • Last minute gift-givers have until December 23rd to use Priority Mail Express service if they're willing to pay extra.

Keep in mind that the typical guarantee of exact delivery is out the window thanks to the supply chain issues, so send earlier than the deadlines to be safe.

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