WLLR's Is It The News...Or Not?

Which is true?

The Headlines:

  • Reality Shows Now Sending People To Space (REAL)

Two reality television shows are in the works that will give contestants a chance to head into space, and NASA seems to be okay with the idea. “Who Wants To Be An Astronaut” will give its winner an all-expenses-paid trip to live on the International Space Station for eight days, while “Space Hero” has secured a seat into space for its winner with Axiom Space, scheduled for 2023. While “Who Wants To Be An Astronaut” is based in the United States and supported by Discovery, “Space Hero” is a more global show, planning to start with 24 contestants from around the world, including twelve from underdeveloped countries. Anyone interested in taking a shot at a free trip to space can apply for “Who Wants To Be An Astronaut” now on their website, but applications for “Space Hero” won’t open until December 21.

  • Man Arrested After Spray-Painting Graffiti On Mount Rushmore (FAKE)
  • Texas Issues Ruling That Halloween Masks Count As COVID Masks (FAKE)
Astronaut in space giving thumbs up, cosmonaut floating above planet Earth, 3D render

Photo: Getty Images

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