WLLR's Is It The News...Or Not?

Which one is true?

The Headlines:

  • Butterfinger Candy Bar To Be Renamed To Avoid Offending Clumsy People (FAKE)
  • Actor Will Smith Announces Candidacy For Congressional Seat (FAKE)
  • Woman Breaks Guinness Record For How Wide She Can Open Her Mouth (REAL)

Kids are really good at finding things to mock in other children, and when she was younger Samantha Ramsdell says she caught a lot of grief from kids her age because of the size of her mouth. She says she started a TikTok channel out of boredom to show off her large mouth, and the 31-year-old quickly went viral. Some friends encouraged her to see if she qualified for a Guinness World Record. A dentist used digital calipers to measure her mouth and worked out that her ‘maximum stretch’ was 6.52 centimeters, or just over 2.5 inches, which was enough to get her in the record book. Her videos have been watched almost 50 million times as she does things like put an entire apple inside her mouth.

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