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  • Study Finds Flat Earthers More Likely To Be Psychopaths (REAL)

Conspiracy theories seem to be more popular every day, and now a researcher at the University of Oregon has conducted a study showing that four undesirable personality traits have a connection to someone’s ability to believe them. Narcissism, Machiavellianism, psychopathy, and sadism are called the “Dark Tetrad” traits, and psychologist Cameron S Kay says the study shows why people are drawn to conspiracy theories, including those that deal with vaccines, climate change, and more. Is anyone that believes the earth is flat a psychopath? Not necessarily, but it may indicate that some of those four personality traits are present. Kay says he also recorded five levels of “mediators:” the tendency to entertain odd beliefs, to be fatalistic, desire control, distrust others, and feel a need to be unique. He says these traits “bridge the gap” between the four dark traits and believing in conspiracy theories. It’s not the traits, it’s shared features between the traits, according to Kay. The study involved 474 students recruited with an average age of 19.5 and 66 percent of the participants were women. What does this mean? One psychologist thinks it may be a sign that believing in conspiracy theories means a person has some bad personality traits.

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  • Idaho Restaurant Serving Only Alpaca-Meat Sandwiches Forced To Shut Down (FAKE)
Flat Earther concept. Person who believes that Earth is flat disc. Anonymous woman holding flat Earth model in front of body with text: It`s flat. Isolated on gray background, studio shot.
Flat Earther concept. Person who believes that Earth is flat disc.

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