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Which is true?

The Headlines:

  • Minor League Baseball Team Holding ‘Topless Tuesday’ Event (FAKE)
  • Long-Lost Sisters Find Each Other, Learn They Have Matching Tattoos (REAL)

When Victoria Voorhees was two months old, her mother gave her up for adoption. Now a 27-year-old nurse, Voorhees decided to see what she could find out about her heritage, so she used a 23andMe home DNA test kit to see what she could learn. When the results came back, she was shocked to find out she had a sister. She says she excitedly rushed home to tell her adopted parents, who revealed they knew about her sister and were still in contact with her birth mother. I’m sure they had their reasons for keeping quiet, but they didn’t tell her until she found out for herself. Voorhees contacted her newly found sister, 28-year-old Alyss Ravae, and found out her sister had been trying to find her for years. Ravae says her mother told her when she was 9 that she had a biological sister and had been searching for her for years and was thrilled to have finally connected with her. That’s when things got weird. They both love Stephen King, Halloween, and hiking trails, they both own cats, sell pet portraits online, and they both have a tattoo of a bat on their ankle. Ravae said, “We live very parallel lives, even though we were given very different situations.” The siblings are now planning to reunite in person in Chicago.

  • Podcast Hosted By Parrot Reaches One Million Listens (FAKE)

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