WLLR's Is It The News...Or Not?

Which is true?

The Headlines:

  • Man Wants His Dog Arrested After It Ate All His Pot Brownies (FAKE)
  • New Skin Treatment Using Baked Beans Helps Remove Wrinkles (FAKE)
  • Woman Catches Boyfriend Cheating By Reflection In His Sunglasses (REAL)

Sometimes, you should just put the phone down and not use social media or a cell phone camera. One guy figured that out the hard way after he was busted cheating on his girlfriend when he sent a Snapchat Selfie to her. Now his girlfriend has gone viral calling him out about it. The woman discovered that her boyfriend of four years cheated on her in the most 2020 of ways when she spotted a clue in a selfie he sent via Snapchat. A TikTok video she posted, detailing the infidelity, currently boasts more than one million views. The incriminating footage begins with the girl standing in front of a selfie of her alleged boyfriend, who is sporting sunglasses. Things take a turn, however, when she steps aside to reveal the reflection of a girl’s legs poking out of a car window in one of the lenses. The clip is aptly captioned “check the reflection in your boyfriend’s sunnies ladies.” Turns out she discovered a week later that the sleazeball had been philandering for the past month with five different women.