WLLR's Is It The News...Or Not?

Which is true?

The Headlines:

  • People Buying Realistic Baby Dolls Instead Of Having Babies (REAL)

If you're thinking about having kids, consider these infants because they behave and sleep like a doll. Mostly because that’s what they are. Many parents in Iran are turning to Maryam Aghayee’s hyper-realistic baby dolls as an alternative to actually birthing a child. The economics of having a child right now isn't feasible and the country is in a steep decline as fertility goes. Those that have a child are often faced with questions regarding siblings. These dolls are a great way to satisfy all parties involved. The only child gets what appears to be a real baby brother or sister and the parents don't have to worry about feeding it. While many buyers purchase the lifelike dolls to serve as surrogates in lieu of having more children, grieving mothers are also finding solace in them as well. 

  • Woman Claims Her Cat Gave Boyfriend Winning Lotto Numbers And Wants Half (FAKE)
  • Pop-Tart House Just Built And Family Of Four Is Living In It (FAKE)