WLLR's Is It The News...Or Not?

Which is true?

The Headlines:

  • Cat Passed Out Laughing After Eating Pot Plant (FAKE)
  • 41 Year Old Man Loses Case To Have Parents Support Him (REAL)

Some people just never want to grow up. A 41-year-old London man decided to take his wealthy parents to court hoping the court would rule that they legally had to support him. That didn't work out well for the man. Instead, the court said no way and told him he had to pay his parents' $74,000 legal fees. Neither party was identified in the case, which the judge described as "most unusual" and apparently "unprecedented." The man's lawyer said the "very wealthy" parents had "nurtured his dependency on them" for 20 years, and after a falling out, they "seek to cast that dependency onto the state."  The man, who has mental health disabilities, has a degree in history, a master’s degree in taxation and is a qualified solicitor but has been unemployed since 2011. But Munby said existing provisions for parents to fund their adult children required an order for financial support when the person was young and the parents were living apart. He added that an adult child "should not be able to take his parents to court to obtain finance." Munby then denied permission for an appeal, saying the man's ongoing efforts were "an abuse of process."

  • Teacher Lets 12-Year-Old Student Run Class While He Went On Tinder Date (FAKE)