WLLR's Is It The News...Or Not?

Which is true?

The Headlines:

  • Police Issued Summons To Man Who Disturbs Neighbors With Snoring (FAKE)
  • People Now Sending Drones To Work So They Can Be Socially Distant (FAKE)
  • The Air Force Now Has Its Own Tattoo Parlor (REAL)

These days, getting a tattoo is as much of a rite of passage for military personnel as the buzz cut at boot camp. But while barbershops have been a mainstay on bases around the globe, soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines have never had the convenience of on-base ink - until now. Nellis Air Force Base, located near Las Vegas, officially opened its own tattoo shop this month. A Facebook post reads: "We are always leading from the front and finding new ways to improve the quality of life for our Airmen. Team Nellis is now home to the first tattoo studio on an Air Force or Army installation." The Air Force, which previously had strict tattoo policies, lifted some of its restrictions in 2017. "Airmen were previously not allowed to have tattoos on the chest, back, arms and legs that were larger than 25 percent of the exposed body part," Air Force Times reported. "Now, they can have full tattoo sleeves on their arms or large back pieces if they so choose." The whole idea is the brainchild of the 99 Force Support Squadron which notes, "By providing tattoo services on base we can ensure our artists follow the AFI tattoo guidance when providing service for active, guard and reserve Airmen."