WLLR's Is It The News...Or Not?

Which is true?

The Headlines:

  • Man Caught Cheating With Woman He Thought Was Julia Roberts (FAKE)
  • Airline Customer Buys Ticket In Luggage Compartment To Social Distance (FAKE)
  • Pet Owner Receives Backlash For Giving His Cat Ice Cream (REAL)

A pet owner is getting all sorts of grief for giving his cat ice cream for the first time and filming it. He posted the video on Twitter and now he's being accused of animal cruelty. The 11-second clip has received nearly 400,000 views since Monday when it was posted. “I think we should all watch this cat try ice cream for the first time,” the post reads. The cat takes a lick and immediately falls back, seemingly wanting to get the ice cream out of its mouth, or off its fur where some of it appears to have landed. Not everyone on Twitter was amused and many called it animal cruelty. Many of the Twitter users accused the owner of intentionally giving the cat a brain freeze, which is pretty unhealthy for the cat. It appears that cats and humans are both susceptible to getting brain freeze.