WLLR's Is It The News...Or Not?

Which is true?

The Headlines:

  • Man Finds $10,000 Diamond Ring In Ocean And Plans On Giving It Back (REAL)

It's not often people find $10,000 when walking along the beach but that's what happened to a Florida man who found a $10,000 diamond ring while out for a stroll. Derek Smith was searching the waters at Madeira Beach, Florida with his metal detector when he made the discovery. He captured the moment when he found the ring, seemingly buried in the sand in shallow water. Using his metal detector and a special scooping device, Smith scanned through the area, finding various other pieces of metal and lost jewelry. When he finally found the ring, all he could initially say when he looked in his scooper was “Oh my God.” While he described the feeling as one of the greatest he's ever had when finding it, he does plan on giving the ring back to its rightful owner. He was contacted by someone who claimed they lost a diamond ring in the area. 

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  • Man Reveals Twix Bar Addiction After Two Month Quarantine (FAKE)