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  • Coronavirus Lockdowns Hard On Polygamist's (REAL)

Hey you think you've got it bad during the pandemic? Just be glad you're not a polygamist living in Kuwait. After all, which family do you quarantine with and how do you visit your second family? Those are just two of the questions Kuwaiti polygamists, which make up about 8 percent of the Arab country's population, are struggling with these days. Kuwait has imposed some of the strictest rules to stop the spread of COVID-19 in the Middle East, including a nationwide, lockdown until May 30. Polygamist Abu Othman said, "My life has become so complicated. I am constantly on the move between them. Sometimes police patrols understand my situation, while at other times I have to apply for permission claiming there is a ‘family emergency.'" However, others don't have that luxury and a polygamist who is forced to live at one of his wives' houses because of the curfew must legally give the other (or others) a choice between accepting it or agree to a divorce if they wish. So, this really isn't the best time to be a polygamist.

  • Couple Breaks Record For Largest Pretzel Ever Baked at 34 Pounds (FAKE)
  • New Study Finds Twizzlers Great At Helping People Digest Food (FAKE)
Polygamy Wedding Cake

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