WLLR's Is It The News...Or Not?

Which is true?

The Headlines:

  • Man Shaves Entire Body To Keep From Catching Coronavirus (FAKE)
  • An Exploding Hammer Festival Injures Over 40 People In Mexico (REAL)

It's called the "Exploding Hammer Festival," and it's held in the small town of San Juan de la Vega, Mexico. It could also be the dumbest idea for a festival of all time. The event, which takes place every February, it involves people attaching a mix of sulfur and chlorate to the ends of sledgehammers. Sounds safe far but then they smash the hammers against train tracks, making the substance explode and send up massive clouds of smoke. This year, 43 people were injured including one man who more or less blew his leg off and had to be carried off by a stretcher. According to legend, the town's namesake San Juan de la Vega was the victim of a theft from bandits who took his gold. St. John the Baptist helped him get it back and became a Mexican "Robin Hood." What this has to do with exploding hammers is anybody's guess.

  • Diet Claims Lose Weight By Eating Only Chicken Wings And Carrots (FAKE)