WLLR's Is It The News...Or Not?

Which is true?

The Headlines:

  • New Study Says You Can Lose 50 Pounds By Painting Your House (FAKE)
  • First All-Robot Restaurant Opening In Vegas (FAKE)
  • Fed Ex Driver Falls 75 Feet Off Bridge After Stopping To Help Motorist (REAL)

No good deed goes unpunished they say and for one good samaritan motorist, his good deed almost cost him his life. A FedEx driver who stopped to help a stranded motorist in North Carolina is very lucky to be alive after falling more than 75 feet after he jumped out of the way of an oncoming tractor-trailer. Jeremiah Cribb pulled over on the Salisbury Bridge to help a motorist who crashed into the structure over the Yadkin River. While helping the stranded driver, Cribb spotted a tractor-trailer approaching them and out of instinct, he jumped over the concrete median in which he thought there would be the road on the other side. Turns out, it was pitch black out and he jumped off the bridge itself. He free-fell more than 75 feet and it took rescue crews more than 45 minutes to bring him up from the dried out river bed below. Cribb suffered three fractured ribs and a collapsed lung but doctors say it's amazing he's still alive. 

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