WLLR's Is It The News...Or Not?

Which is true?

The Headlines:

  • Man Sets House On Fire Lighting Cigar With Aerosol Can And Match (FAKE)
  • Pet Turtle Escapes And Family Offering $1 Million Reward If Found (FAKE)
  • Airline Passenger Fined For Throwing Change Into Engine For Good Luck (REAL)

A man in China ended up costing himself tens of thousands of dollars because he is superstitious. Lu Chao got in hot water after boarding a Lucky Air flight in Anqing, in the Anhui province, after the airline’s crew found two one-yuan coins on the ground near the plane’s engine. The crew had approached Lu to inquire if he knew anything about the loose coins and he eventually admitted that he had thrown them in the engine for good luck. The flight ended up being canceled and he was taken into custody. A judge ruled that he is on the hook for damages totaling just over $17,000. Lucky Air released a statement saying, "Not only does tossing coins not give you good luck it will endanger aviation safety and land you in detention. You could be fined and prosecuted."