WLLR's Is It The News...Or Not?

Which is true?

The Headlines:

  • Man Says He Recorded Big Foot Using Gas Grill To Cook Burger (FAKE)
  • FireFighters Saved Man's Burning House And Left Note About Drinking His Milk (REAL)

I'm fairly certain the owner of this home will be okay with what a group of firefighters did recently. Firefighters in Australia have gained attention for leaving a note apologizing for drinking a man's milk after they saved his house from a wildfire. Paul Sekfy of New South Wales posted the handwritten note on Facebook which was signed by the Urunga Rural Fire Service. "It was our pleasure to save your house. Sorry that we could not save your sheds," the note said. "P.S. - we owe you some milk." Firefighter Hardie-Porter was a part of the team sent to the house and said that he and the other firefighters took some milk due to not having eaten anything for hours. Paul also noted that the firefighters had cheese and peanut butter, which he is perfectly okay with as well. "They don't have to pay back the milk, I'll just sort them a couple of cases of beer," he said.

  • Family Boarded Wrong Plane, Ended Up In Bulgaria Instead Of Disney (FAKE)