WLLR's Is It The News...Or Not?

Which is true?

The Headlines:

  • Woman Shows Up At Hospital With Zombie Mask And Everyone Freaks (REAL)

Zombies and ERs don't mix. A professional dancer named Jai Fears from Michigan was getting zombie makeup done for a Halloween marketing campaign when a panic attack hit her. She decided to head to the hospital. However, she didn't realize she was still wearing the zombie makeup and people freaked out when she got the emergency room. She had rotten, bloody, burned flesh all over her face and nurses rushed her into the trauma unit. Fortunately, she recovered from her panic attack and the hospital realized she was not an actual zombie. They also weren't very happy about her showing up in the costume and released a statement saying, "The emergency room is not a place for fun and games. They see many patients with severe medical issues where lives are at stake. Doctors need to be able to focus on those patients with true emergencies."

  • Man Returns Wife’s Car To Dealership After She "Yelled" At Him (FAKE)
  • New Brand Of Butter Claims It Can Also Be Used As Hair Gel (FAKE)

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