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  • Hikers Put Message in Bottle, Send It Over Waterfall, Get Rescued (REAL)

Hard to believe that with all the different ways technology provides us to communicate, the old fashioned ways still work. A man in California named Curtis Whitson recently went on a multi-day camping trip with his girlfriend and 13-year-old son. Along the way, they ended up hiking across a river but soon figured out that they couldn't get back. The water rose faster than they expected that they had no way out. As it would turn out, they had no cell service so they couldn't call anyone to help either. there was no cell service. They ended up resorting to putting a written message in a bottle and sending it over a waterfall in hopes someone would find it. Well, they took a green water bottle and scratched the word "HELP" on it. Then they put a note inside that said, "We are stuck. We're at the waterfall. Get help, please." As luck would have it, two hikers found the bottle about a quarter-mile downstream and called for help. Then a rescue helicopter spotted them around midnight but had to wait until morning to airlift them out. None of them were hurt, and they're all fine. Curtis's son Hunter says he couldn't believe the message-in-a-bottle idea actually worked.

  • Man Falls In Love With His Amazon Echo And Tried To Marry It (FAKE)
  • Friends Go Camping And Swear They See Bigfoot’s Wife (FAKE)

Hikers' Message In Bottle

Hikers' Message In Bottle