WLLR's Is It The News...Or Not?

Which is true?

The Headlines:

  • Woman Rushed To Hospital With Chest Pains After Joining Gym (FAKE)
  • Man Finds $25,000 Hidden In Pocket Of Pool Table Bought On Craigslist (FAKE)
  • Somebody Left Brand New Jeep On Beach During Hurricane (REAL)

This is exactly why you don't lend your car to any sketchy family members. A red Jeep captured the attention of the nation yesterday while Hurricane Dorian’s heavy rains and gusty winds battered the Myrtle Beach, South Carolina coast. Police say they came across an abandoned Jeep SUV near the shoreline in Myrtle Beach. A crowd had watched as the tide continued to rise and waves continued to smash into the Jeep, pulling it closer to the ocean. Police searched the plate and went to find the Jeeps owner. They found him and the story behind why the Jeep was left there will make you not want to lend your car to anyone ever again. The owner claims that his cousin was in town and rides a motorcycle and out of the goodness of his heart, he lent him his truck because of how bad the weather was. The cousin thought it would be awesome to drive to the beach and take pictures before the storm hit. Only he ended up getting the truck stuck on the beach and dented the bumper a bit. So instead of letting his cousin know what had happened, he started calling people to try and get someone to get it, but the conditions were too bad for anyone to get the Jeep off the beach. The cousin left the beach and headed home without even telling him what happened until police showed up at his door. Once the police came to the door, he called his cousin and he confessed to what happened. He said he hopes it’s not totaled, but has a feeling that it is. No word on if he's still talking to his cousin.