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Which is true?

The Headlines:

  • Man Finds Wallet But Won't Return Because He Says "Finders Keepers" (FAKE)
  • Police Say Man Was Entirely Consumed By His Dogs (REAL)

Imagine if being man's best friend includes that man being the best friends dinner. Well, a gruesome discovery was made public this week following an investigation into a missing person. According to Texas deputies, a 57-year-old man named Freddie Mack was reported missing by family members after deputies conducted a welfare check at his home back on May 9. A relative said Mack hadn't been seen for several weeks. What they did find were 18 dogs on the man's property. Neighbors had said had unusual it was for Freddie to leave his dogs unattended since they were always by his side. Deputies attempted to search the property but were unsuccessful due to the dogs' aggressive behavior. They were finally successful with distracting the dogs and getting onto the property but were unable to find Mack. Detectives ended up coming back to the property to keep an eye on the dogs when they found what appeared to be a human bone. An extensive search of the property produced bone fragment and other small pieces of what appeared to be human bones. The medical examiner confirmed that they were, in fact, human bones and were positively matched by DNA to poor old Mack. It appears the dogs had simply eaten Mack over the course of a few weeks. Police know that Mack had serious health issues but don't know if the dogs had killed him or simply ate him after he died from other causes. We'll never know. 

  • Family Returns From Cruise To Find Entire House Has Been Moved (FAKE)

Man Eaten By Dogs

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