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Which is true?

The Headlines:

  • Authorities Break Up Giant Fight At Retirement Home (FAKE)
  • Wheelchair Tennis Event Moved After Main Court Was Built on Two Foot Slope (REAL)

An international wheelchair tennis event has been forced to move because the main court at a new $16 million dollar tennis complex has been built on a slope. The Darwin International Tennis Centre was all set to host the biannual Arafura Games later this month, but wheelchair competitors have been moved to one of the outside courts at the complex. The new center took over a year to construct and turns out it was built on an over two-foot slope. That has caused the court to sink into the ground, leaving it unfit for any sort of wheelchair event. Athletes would find it very hard to serve in a wheelchair if they were actually rolling down the slope. Officials had wanted a “state of the art facility” that could attract more events such as the Davis Cup and Fed Cup down the road. The slope is believed to be fixable, but there are no firm plans in place at the moment for the work to start. 

  • Beach Hires Golden Retriever As Life Guard (FAKE)

Wheelchair Event Moved

Wheelchair Event Moved