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The Headlines:

  • Banned Commercial "Jokingly" Advertises Best Ways To Kill Someone (FAKE)
  • Passenger With Nut Allergy Forced To Sit In Planes Toilet During Flight (REAL)

Not sure I would ever fly this airline again after a passenger was forced to hide in the plane's bathroom during her flight after the cabin crew insisted on serving almonds to the other passengers. The flight crew did this despite being alerted to her potential deadly nut allergy. Laura Merry was traveling with Qantas Airlines to visit her sister in Australia when she was told by the flight crew there would be almonds on board. She had made the airline aware of her condition before booking her flight. She was told they would not be serving nuts on the flight. Instead, the crew made no accommodations to help her but instead offered her a mask and a seat in the plane's bathroom which is where she remained for much of the flight so that she could avoid being around the nuts that everyone else was eating. A Qantas spokesperson confirmed they would be getting in touch with Laura ahead of her next flight and that, "Qantas is aware of the challenges faced by allergy sufferers and take steps to reduce the risk for many of our customers particularly exposure to peanuts but as there are a wide variety of allergies it’s not possible to cater to everyone’s requirements as is the case with other forms of transport - like buses and trains – and other public places we can’t guarantee a completely nut free environment."

  • Bakery Criticized For Halloween-Themed "Severed Head" Cakes (FAKE)

Qantas Passenger With Nut Allergy

Qantas Passenger With Nut Allergy