WLLR's Is It The News...Or Not?

Which is true?

The Headlines:

  • Dog Was Taught To Make Its Own Food And Take Itself On Walks (FAKE)
  • Woman's House Burns Down After Transforming It Into A Library (FAKE)
  • Woman Finds Hair In IV Drip And Sues Hospital (REAL)

It's scary enough anytime you have to spend time in a hospital. It's even scarier when you find unknown hairs in IV drips. A woman from northeast China is suing a hospital for $150,000 after finding a human hair in her son’s intravenous drip while he was being treated for pneumonia. The incident happened last weekend when the boy's mother, identified as Sun, was with her four-year-old child at Beihua University Affiliated Hospital in the city of Jilin. “When the first bottle of medicine had finished and the nurse swapped to the second bottle, I saw there was a hair about 2 centimeters long in the little gourd-shaped tube that the medicine passed through,” Sun said. The problem is, one full bag of medicine had already been administered through this bag with the hair. Sun said the nurse replaced the tube with a new one, but only after being asked. A nurse said that she had never experienced such a problem before. The hospital responded to the complaint saying it would investigate the matter to determine if the hair had caused any contamination. They also asked Sun pay for the investigation. That's when she decided to sue the hospital for $150,000. No word yet on if the courts have accepted the lawsuit.

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