WLLR's Is It The News...Or Not?

Which is true?

The Headlines:

  • Former Dentist Reveals Lifelong Fear Of Teeth (FAKE)
  • Bride-To-Be's Wedding Wishlist Includes Three Mansions (FAKE)
  • Beer Fridge Washes Up In Nebraska After Floods (REAL)

Floods are awful, but can produce some unexpected joy - at last for two men in Nebraska. Turns out, they happened upon a refrigerator in the middle of a field after flood waters receded. When they opened the refrigerator, it was like a “gift sent from the heavens": BEER! Gayland Stouffer and Kyle Simpson were surveying the damage to Simpson’s property when Stouffer saw a mini-fridge full of beer in the field that had recently been covered in floodwater. The mini-fridge was stocked with Bud Light and Busch Light, but it was also “ice cold,” seeing as there was still ice in its freezer.They took a few pictures with the fridge and soon enough they traced it back to its rightful owners. It belonged to the father of a man named Brian Healy, whose parents had a cabin about four miles up the river. Everyone involved finally had something to smile about after so much destruction over the past few weeks.