WLLR's Is It The News...Or Not?

Which is true?

The Headlines:

  • California Officer Arrests Himself After Finding Drugs In Own Pocket (FAKE)
  • Family Litters Highway With Cash In Honor Of Dead Relative (REAL)

For many motorists on a California highway this week, it was raining money. Wads of cash got strewn over a freeway in Hayward, California creating a safety hazard for those who stopped to pick up the money. It seems that several family members of a recently deceased man were driving home from a relative's funeral on Monday and in honor of them, they opened the windows of their car and threw out $500, all in $20 bills, of their car window on their way back from a funeral. Multiple people called 911 and said there were $20 bills blowing around on the highway. But luckily no one was hurt and by the time the police got there, all the money was gone. It's not clear if the family could face charges for it. But one of them talked to the local news and asked to remain anonymous. They said they did it to honor their relative's memory, and that it's a, quote, "Oakland thing.

  • Florida Man Poses As Bartender Of Bar To Get Free Drinks (FAKE)