WLLR's Is It The News...Or Not?

Which is true?

The Headlines:

  • Ohio City's Christmas Ruined As Wrapped Gifts Spill All Over Highway (FAKE)
  • Grandma Poses In Tub Full Of Yarn For Boudoir Photo Shoot (REAL)

A grandma from Georgia came up with a unique Christmas gift for her husband. Lisa Bishop posed for a classic boudoir photo shoot with a twist: she was sitting in a tub full of yarn and other crocheting materials! The photoshoot came to be when her daughter, professional photographer Samantha Bishop, jokingly suggested that her “very modest” crochet-loving mother do a boudoir shoot. Lisa probably thought she wouldn’t be taken seriously when mom replied, “only in a bathtub full of yarn”... but Samantha made it happen. In the photos, which have been shared to Facebook, Lisa can be seen in classic boudoir poses, giving seductive looks, and even posing suggestively with a crochet needle. It’s safe to say Lisa’s husband Mike loved his gift, as he can also be seen in photos with a face that’s described by Samantha as an “adorable schoolboy reaction.” Check out the photos below.

  • New Cat Beauty Salon Isn't Big Hit (FAKE)

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