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Which is true?

The Headlines:

  • Mailman Accused Of Leaving "Hate Mail" For Local Dog Owners (FAKE)
  • Construction Workers Find Wall Full Of Human Teeth (REAL)

Construction workers in Valdosta, Georgia were in the process of renovating an old building when they made a gruesome discovery. After cracking open a wall, they were shocked to find that it was stuffed with around 1,000 human teeth. City officials think they may have come up with a reason why there would be such a stash hidden in the building’s walls… and it looks like they were there for a while. A researcher for the Lowndes County Historical Society and Museum says that the building used to be occupied by at least two different dentists back in the early 1900s. What’s more, they have a receipt from 1928 for a tooth extraction that proves there was dentistry going on in the building. Even stranger, this isn’t the first time human teeth have been found in old Georgia buildings. Museum officials are interested in doing DNA tests to further research the possible origin of the strange stash of chompers. But for now, it will remain somewhat of a mystery.

  • Florida Highway Becomes Slip-N-Slide After Massive Soap Spill (FAKE)
Human Teeth Found In Wall

Human Teeth Found In Wall