Is It The News...Or Not?

Which is true?

The Headlines:

  • Newscaster Literally Blown Away By Hurricane On Live Television (FAKE)
  • Tourists Relax And Dine Next To Dead Bodies In Mexico (REAL)

Two men were recently killed on Caleta Beach in Mexico’s Acapulco region, but that didn’t stop nearby tourists from continuing to enjoy their sunny vacation. In a video posted to Facebook, tourists can be seen relaxing and dining just feet away from the crime scene where the bodies still lay. According to reports, beachgoers were initially scared off the beach after hearing gunshots. It’s believed that the men were chased into a crowd of tourists before they were ultimately killed. After the initial shock, things seemed to go back to normal pretty quickly. Why? Because even though the area is a popular resort town that once had an influx of wealthy guests, these kinds of horrific incidents have reportedly become the norm. Even as murders play out near the beach, tourists continue to come and lounge. In fact, Guerrero has seen a record tourist season, with more than one-point-three million visitors.

  • Zoo Teaches Turtles Choreography For Weekly Show (FAKE)

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