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The Headlines:

  • New Beauty Trend Involves Face Cleanser Made Of Spit (FAKE)
  • Couple Recreates “Alien” Scene For Pregnancy Photos (REAL)

Todd and Nicole Cameron wanted their pregnancy photoshoot to be truly magical. With Halloween on the way, they headed down to a local pumpkin patch... where things took a bloody turn. That’s because they recreated a scene from classic 1979 horror movie “Alien” for the shoot. In the first few photos, things look innocent enough – the couple posed together with the bump in full view. But soon, Nicole starts grimacing in pain and holding on to her belly. Soon, a bloody alien head starts ripping through her belly and pink dress. The husband then acts like he’s chasing the newborn alien through the pumpkin patch as it escapes from Nicole’s belly. Then, for an added touch, the two pose lovingly with the alien in their arms and a pacifier in its mouth. The dad even pretends to feed the alien with a baby bottle full of blood. “Our chests are bursting with love for our new addition,” Todd jokes, posting to Facebook. Check out the photos below.

  • Fast Food Workers Almost Give Customer Heart Attack In Halloween-Stunt-Gone-Wrong (FAKE)
"Alien" Pregnancy Photo Shoot

"Alien" Pregnancy Photo Shoot