WLLR's Is It The News...Or Not?

Which is true?

The Headlines:

  • Toddler Can Recite All Of The Presidents Forwards And Backwards (FAKE)
  • Maine High School Cheerleading Squad Is Just One Cheerleader (REAL)

This year, only one high school student tried out for the Mesalonskee cheer team in Oakland, Maine. So, she’s been repping her school’s team at games by herself. According to Kaitlyn Berthiaume, there were a lot of reasons why girls weren’t able to join the team this time around. But since she likes sports and cheering, she thought “Hey, I’ll do it.” While she would like to have teammates so she can do “stunting,” which is pretty much impossible without some help, she’s been doing just fine on her own. Plus, being the only cheerleader not only means she's automatically team captain, she also gets lots of time with her two coaches. While she’s proven to be somewhat of a role model in her small town, she admits that she gets nervous “all the time.” “I shake, I sweat, but I get out there and I just smile, and I fake it until I make it,” she says. You go, girl!

  • Local Cat Lady Hospitalized After Suffering Near-Fatal Allergy Attack (FAKE)