WLLR's Is It The News...Or Not?

Which is true?

The Headlines:

  • Entire Wisconsin Town Attends Funeral For Neighborhood Cat (FAKE)
  • Man Returns Overdue Book After 50 Years (REAL)

Dale Hutchins from Marietta, Georgia recently returned an overdue library book to the Lexington Public Library that he checked out half a century ago. The book, “The United States In World War I” by Don Lawson, was returned in good condition, complete with a note on the cover that says, “50 years [past] due. Checked out in 1986. Sorry. Dale H.” The library posted a picture of it on  with the caption “It’s never too late to return an overdue book.” The library’s branch manager Elliot Appelbaum says a long return delay isn’t as out of the ordinary as you may believe – people move or leave town and forget all the time. But 50 years? That’s got to be a record. Hutchins says he hopes “to get good karma for the act,” returning the book after it spent 35 years in storage in Texas and 15 years in Georgia. The library says they have no intention of fining Hutchins for his overdue book, so there’s his karma right there.

  • Genius Baby Solves Math Problems With Burps (FAKE)