WLLR's Is It The News...Or Not?

Which is true?

The Headlines:

  • Two Elderly Men Get Into Fight Over Costco Samples (REAL)

Everyone loves the free samples at Costco, but would you throw a punch for one? That's what happened recently in Greenville, South Carolina, when two elderly dudes nearly threw down. Yes, over the samples! According to witnesses, an unnamed 72-year-old man cut a 70-year-old man in line while waiting for a free cheese sample at the Costco. Not a big deal, right? But then it happened again in the line for a cheeseburger sample… and that’s when things went from Savings Club to Fight Club. The sample server says the line-cutter then smacked the other man in the face. The line-cutting culprit says he only did it because he thought the other guy was going to hit him first out of anger. Police are still trying to sort out the details, awaiting review of surveillance footage before they make any arrests.

  • Professional Skiier Wins Race After Out-Skiing Avalanche (FAKE)
  • Man Spends Life Savings Trying To Build Flying Car (FAKE)