WLLR's Is It The News...Or Not?

Which is true?

The Headlines:

  • Orangutan Walks Into A Bar...No Joke (Fake)
  • Mom Blogger Shamed For Using Phone After Child’s Birth (REAL)

Every mom, or anyone who spends enough time with one, knows that a woman needs her alone time. Mommy blogger Constance Hall just had her fifth baby, a boy she and husband Denim Cooke they named Raja. Being a social media star, Constance posted a cute “everyday life” picture the day of Raja’s birth with the infant in between her feet at the foot of the bed and Cooke doting over him. Hall, in her hospital bed, is holding a soda and looking at her cellphone. The blogger captioned the pic "Possibly my favourite photo from the birth of Raja...welcome to the Matriarchy Densy...Queen just had a baby yo." And then? The haters came out. Ever the straightforward gal, Hall clapped back. "The truth is... it's nobodies business what a mother is doing on her phone the day she gives birth, if she's sending her children and mother photos of the baby or googling *** jobs in Thailand it's not your business." Word.

  • Husky On Video Speaking Full Sentence (Fake)

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