The BEST Carpool Karaoke...EVER!

James Corden snagged a legend for the latest Carpool Karaoke segment on “The Late Late Show.” It happened in Liverpool, appropriately.

It started out with Corden’s use of the famous lyrics “ need somebody, not just anybody. Can you please, please help me” while on the phone asking “someone” for driving company. It was Paul McCartney.

The well thought out event kicked off with Corden and McCartney singing “Drive My Car” and the pair swap driving duties during the tune. Then the “Beatles” legend talked about writing his first song at 14. The two break out into “Penny Lane” as they drive down the street.

In a surprise, Corden and McCartney visit the pub he used to perform in as a youngster. Paul and the band do “A Hard Day’s Night” and “ St. Jude” with Corden. One of the most moving parts was McCartney talking about his dead mum coming to him in a dream to reassure him. The song “Let It Be” came from that experience. The emotion of the moment brought tears to Corden’s eyes.

Hands down, a must see if you missed it…

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