WLLR's Is It The News...Or Not?

Which is real?

The Headlines:

  • Netflix To Release Snacks Made Specifically For Binge Watching (FAKE)
  • Bride Loses Bet, Groom Wears Eagles Jersey To Wedding (REAL)

A Philadelphia Eagles fan got to rep his team at his wedding all because his bride-to-be lost a bet. It all started with Jennifer [Sullivan] Hanks made a bet with her now husband Patrick Hanks’ buddy, Keith Wiest. During a friend’s wedding reception in October, the Eagles fans placed a bet that if the Eagles lost the Super Bowl, Keith would watch ever episode of “The Real Housewives” in every franchise. If they won- Patrick would get to wear an Eagles jersey at their wedding. Jennifer happens to be an Eagles fan too, however she wasn’t too hopeful her team would win so they shook on it. Every time the Eagles won, the hype grew. Once they defeated the New England Patriots it was game over. Her phone “blew up” with texts from her parents and her boss so they kind of had to go through with it. Fast forward to their wedding day- the couple has just said their vows and exchanged rings. That’s when Patrick threw on his Carson Wentz Eagles jersey and they were officially pronounced husband and wife. “It was just an absolutely amazing experience,” Jennifer says. If there was nay negative reaction to the choice, it wouldn’t matter they were doing it anyway. “We wouldn’t have done something like this if it wasn’t going to be well-received by everyone.” Patrick notes, “A bet’s a bet.”

  • New Barbie Playhouse Comes With Phone Chargers That Work (FAKE)

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