Burpee Record...Or Not????

An Australian trainer is getting pushback for breaking a burpees record without actually doing a burpee.

Bodybuilding.com lays out that the exercise is done like this: Begin standing with your legs shoulder-width apart. Place your hands on the floor and kick your legs back so you end up with your stomach and thighs on the floor. Your elbows should be bent. From this position, press up like you’re doing a push-up and push your hips up. Jump your feet under your hips and stand. Finish the movement by jumping in the air and bringing your hands over your head.

But that’s not what the Guinness Book of World Records requires, so to save energy, Elizabeth Llorente strategically used that loophole. She did almost fifteen hundred of the moves in 60 minutes and raised money for an MS charity in the process.

While Guinness is recognizing the feat, Crossfit fans and trainers are storming the internet with trash talk. By the way, Guinness isn’t budging on this.

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