New Talent Competition

Shania Twain and Jake Owen have signed on to host a new talent competition series. “Real Country” will air later this fall on USA, and will have the two stars selecting emerging solo artists, duos and groups to perform in a showcase to determine country music’s next breakout acts.

“It's beyond thrilling to be leading the charge with ‘Real Country’ and I'm on a mission to find artists who will keep country music diverse and dynamic,” Shania says. "The kind of diversity that inspired all of us."

 "I will always be grateful for music, whether I'm performing or listening,” Jake adds, “and I want to encourage up-and-coming artists to tell their stories, find their audiences and make their mark in country music with the same guidance that artists have given to me throughout my journey."

ONE MORE THING! Shania, who is due to kick off her new tour on Thursday in Tacoma, Washington, just performed on Rockefeller Plaza for "Today," where she treated the crowd to the “Now” track “I’m Alright,” as well as hits “I’m Gonna Getcha Good,” and “Any Man of Mine.” Check out her performances HERE.

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