WLLR's Is It The News...Or Not?

Which is real?

The Headlines:

  • College Offers "Cry Closet" For Stressed Students (REAL)

If you’ve ever wanted to cry during finals week, the University of Utah understands completely. And that’s why they’ve built a “cry closet” inside their library. Right in the middle of the Marriott Library on the Salt Lake City campus, sits a small dark room with a narrow door filled with stuff animals that students can find comfort in during the stressful week. A sign on the door calls it “a safe place for stressed out students.” It’s “meant to provide a place for students studying for finals to take a short 10-minute break.” “It’s a great place to just come and decompress,” says the school’s communication specialist, Jana Cunningham. "That’s really what it’s for." However some students disagree. “This is beyond pathetic,” says one Twitter user. “Way to prepare students for the real world. Wonder how many prospective employers have cry closets?” The school says the closet isn’t permanent and will come down after finals week next Wednesday.

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