Flat Earther Launches!

A California man is trying to prove that the earth is flat with a rocket launch.

Flat Earther "Mad" Mike Hughes, a limo driver, successfully launched himself in a homemade steam-powered rocket over the weekend to make his case. The rocket with the words "research flat earth" on it, was launched almost two-thousand feet into the air above the Mojave desert. It reached an estimated speed of 350 miles-per-hour before activating Hughes' parachute. Hughes had to deploy a second parachute because the rocket was falling too quickly.

He landed on the ground safely, but he did say his back was a little sore. Hughes has spent 20-thousand-dollars since 2016 on his mission of launching a homemade rocket. The 61-year-old said he believes the earth is shaped like a frisbee, but he doesn't know for sure. That's why he wants to go up in space.

Hughes worked on the rocket in his garage and converted a mobile home into a ramp for the project.

View the launch video by clicking here...