New Face Of KFC

Let's face it, Reba McEntire is a legend. Heck, we knew that before she ever set foot on the set of a TV sitcom or designed clothing...or designed furniture. Or, oh yeah - starred on Broadway! Over the years, Reba's proven there's nothing she can't do. Our latest example? She's a man...make that THE man. Wait, what?

Yup, the cavalcade of famous folks taking their turn as Kentucky Fried Chicken's 'Colonel' now includes Reba. And make no bones about it - she's not a femmed up version of The Colonel, she THE Colonel. And not shockingly, she's singing - to the female version of herself - and the chicken she's celebrating? The new Smoky Mountain BBQ flavor – which is described as "a mashup of Memphis and Carolina-style barbeques."

In the new ad, which you can see to the right, Miss Reba is all decked out and performing at a honky tonk. “With Reba’s southern roots and entrepreneurial spirit, she truly embodies the values of the Colonel and the crowd-pleasing flavor of our Smoky Mountain BBQ,” says KFC's CMO Andrea Zahumensky. “The pairing of a universally loved music legend like Reba with a universally appealing flavor like Smoky Mountain BBQ makes what I like to call ‘Smoky Mountain Magic.’” Look for the new commercial to official debut Sunday.