WLLR's Is It The News...Or Not?

Which is true?

The Headlines: 

  • Baby Born With 17 Toes (FAKE)
  • Sperm Donor Finds Out He's Fathered 44 Children (FAKE)
  • Woman With Lighter Causes Plane Panic (REAL)

Air travel seems to bring out the crazy in people. Take the woman who tried, multiple times, to get her lighter to catch while on a flight from Alaska to Seattle...to use it as a light source. Understandably, the flight attendants tried to intervene, but the unnamed woman persisted. It's believed the woman also brought her own alcohol on board with her and was drunk at the time of the incident. Fortunately, she must have had a faulty lighter because it never lit, just sparked. Either way, police escorted her off the plane and questioned her. The airline says she won't face charges because it's a "poor judgement" on her part, not a crime.