WLLR's Is It The News...Or Not?

Which are true and which are total bologna?

The Headlines:

  • New Cell Phone Case Will Shock Thieves (FAKE)
  • First Known Baby Named Netflix Has Been Born (FAKE)
  • Nurse Delivers Own Baby In Parking Lot (REAL)

Katie Michael knows how to get to Pinnacle Health in Harrisburg, Virginia. After all, that's where she works as a nurse. What she wasn't expecting was that when she was in labor, she and her husband were going to hit traffic. According to Katie, she and husband George got to the hospital about 25-minutes after her water had broken and their baby didn't want to wait. Little Ella Michael made her debut right there in the parking lot. Katie isn't a labor and delivery nurse, but she says she's going to add it to her resume now that she delivered her own baby. Both mother and baby are happy and healthy!

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