WLLR's Is It The News...Or Not?

Which is true?

The Headlines: 

  • France Sending Their Misspelled Soccer Jerseys To Vermont (REAL)

Montpellier [PR: mahn-peel’-YAY’], France is finding the silver lining of their shipping delivery mistake. Officials ordered jerseys for their sports teams and realized their city name had been spelled wrong, with just one "L" instead of two. As it turns out, that's how Montpelier [PR: mahnt-PEEL’-yuhr], Vermont spells their name. The French city reached out to the Vermont city this week, but didn't specify how many jerseys will be sent. The plan as of now is to give the jerseys out to the high school soccer teams for a game or two and then possibly sold in the community to benefit high school boosters. “We have nice things for our students here but certainly not the level of professional jerseys,” Matt Link, the athletic director for the Vermont city's high school, says. “I’m sure the kids will just be ecstatic."

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  • Construction Worker Finds Buried Treasure In Middle Of San Francisco (FAKE)