WLLR's Is It The News...Or Not?

Which is true?

The Headlines: 

  • Brothers All Marry Women Named Jennifer (FAKE)
  • Man Survives Being Impaled By Four-Foot Crash Barrier (REAL) 

Xiao Wu is a lucky man. The 26-year-old from China was driving himself and a friend on his moped when he crashed into a barrier in the middle of the road. Both Wu and his passenger were thrown off the moped, but Wu was also impaled by a four-foot-long piece of the metal barrier. The piece of four-inch thick metal shot through his chest missing his heart by less than a half inch. Wu suffered damage to his lung and several broken ribs but he survived a three-hour surgery to remove the metal and close up his wounds. He's now in stable condition. You can see graphic footage of Wu's injury.

  • World's Most Expensive Chocolate Will Cost You As Much As New Car (FAKE)