Tanya Honors Glen

Tanya Tucker is paying tribute to the late Glen Campbell, who she had both a professional and personal relationship with. The pair collaborated on songs like “Dream Lover" and "Shoulder to Shoulder,” and also had a romance in 1980. 

“I'm just devastated. Absolutely devastated. It's been so hard these past several years knowing what he's been going through. My heart just breaks," Tanya says. "Glen and I shared some incredible, precious memories together for a long time. There were some ups and downs and, of course, all the downs were played out in the press. We both got past all that. Forgiveness is a wonderful thing."

Tanya has also recorded a new song in tribute to Glen, a ballad call “Forever Loving You,” which she says she’s releasing, “in memory of Glen and for all of those who are losing or have lost someone they love.” A portion of the proceeds from the song will go to the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America. Check out “Forever Loving You”...