Garth Goes Out-Of-This-World

On this week’s episode of Garth Brooks’ “Inside Studio G” he teased something out of this world would be happening yesterday, and he wasn’t kidding.

In a special Thursday edition of “Inside Studio G,” Garth got to chat with two astronauts on the International Space Station, Dr. Peggy Whitson and astronaut Jack Fischer, making him the first celebrity to go live on Facebook while speaking to an astronaut from Mission Control. The call was particularly meaningful to Fischer, who, before he left, chose Garth’s “The River” as his top song on his pre-launch playlist.

During the call, Garth and wife Trisha Yearwood surprised Fischer by performing a bit of the tune for him over the phone. They also surprised him with a visit from his wife Elizabeth, and their daughter, Sariah. “My favorite two words of the whole conversation were ‘Hi Daddy,'” Garth tells People. “As a guy who was out on the road, you’d hear the phone slip to your baby and you’d just wait for that first breath and hear that, ‘Hi Daddy.'” Check out Garth’s chat with the International Space station...