Little Big Town Spill Secrets

Little Big Town just launched their own wine, 4 Cellars, so they seemed very game to take part in “Entertainment Tonight’s “Interviews Under the Influence" series.

During the appearance they played a game of “Never Have I Ever, and made some pretty funny confessions. For example, Phillip Sweet was once kicked out of a bar, although he insisted it wasn’t his fault and he was “guilty by association.” Meanwhile the whole band got kicked out of a casino along with Blake Shelton and Zac Brown because it was a dry casino and they decided to drink in their dressing room after a show.

Also, everyone but Kimberly shared that they’ve written a ridiculous song while drunk, noting that they are often “silly” and “a little raunchy,” although they all say they were pretty buzzed when they wrote “Live Forever,” calling it a “fun time.” Check out the fun...