Blake Makes A Little Girl's Day

Blake Shelton just made a dream come true for one of his youngest fans. In case you missed it, the singer got a chance to meet seven-year-old fan Daisy Prescott at the Bayou Country Superfest over the weekend. 

Little Daisy, who was diagnosed with a rare disease called dermatomyositis, had scored meet and greet passes for the event with her mom, and the little girl posted a Facebook video thanking Blake and his team for making it possible. Well, the star saw the video and couldn’t help but do more for Daisy.

After the official backstage events, Blake made it a point to go and seek out Daisy, and she was apparently overwhelmed. "He held her, hugged her tight and kissed her head,” Daisy’s mom wrote on Facebook. “He bent down and kept on hugging saying, 'Sweetie! I didn't mean to make you cry!'"

“It was incredible and amazing and fantastic and better than expected,” her mom shared. “We are fans for life & incredibly grateful for all the people who made this happen and were patient with us.” Check out the photos below.